Super-Talented Graphic Artist Combines His Love Of Sneakers And Superheroes To Make Amazing Art

by 1 year ago

One of the coolest things about the internet is being able to see some the amazing talent of graphic artists the world over. Thanks to having access to the internet, we have been able to the incredible work of artists who have created some unique designs for the worlds of football, hockey, basketball, and sometimes even combinations of sports.

Today, however, it isn’t the world of sports that a graphic artist has made his own. It’s the worlds of sneakers and superheroes that graphic artist Jeff Cole has combined to make some of the coolest art we’ve seen in some time.

“Being big into the sneaker culture, I saw a huge opening in providing unique content and value to a community that was dying for something different,” Cole told Maxim.

Using the themes of comic book characters such as Ant-Man, Venom, Deadpool and Spider-Man, Cole has been able to amass a following of over 365,000 fans.

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