Watch A Big Great White Shark Get Its Dolphin Dinner Snatched Away By An Even Bigger Great White Shark

Imagine being a great white shark living your best life dominating everything in the ocean. You kill a young dolphin and you are set for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’re devouring the delectable dolphin tartare and everything is hunky-dory because you are the apex predator and nothing can mess with you. You spoke too soon because there is one creature that can snatch your prized catch away — an even bigger great white shark.

We take you to the coast of Smoky Bay, Australia because where else are great white shark fights gonna happen? Shark Watch South Australia caught the incredible moment when two sharks fought over a dolphin.

Oyster farmers in Australia got a front row seat of a 10-foot great white shark with a dead dolphin between its jaws only to have it wrestled away by a humongous 12-foot great white shark. This badass shark is literally taking food out of another shark’s mouth. It absolutely gives no fucks.

The video was captured by the nephew of Oyster farmer Jason Darke, who called the experience the “best craziest morning ever.” Darke provided the footage to Shark Watch South Australia and it has nearly 200,000 views on their Facebook page.

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WARNING: There is some salty language in the video, but this is from Australia. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone and to be honest, the commentary only makes the already outstanding video even more outstanding. I take these dudes narrating animal videos over David Attenborough any day of the week.

One second you’re enjoying a tasty dolphin treat, the next second Mr. Steal Your Meal jumps on the scene and snatches your dinner. Yet another incredible example of just how metal nature is.


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To make things even worse, the bigger, meaner shark really rubs it in the other shark’s snout by enjoying the dolphin treat right in front of him. The big dick energy shark gets a tasty dolphin dinner while the other shark will have to scrounge around for some mackerel.

Here is the entire 6-minute and 40-second video of the two great white sharks battling over the dead dolphin.

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