This Guy Faked His Way Into London Fashion Week With The Most Hideous Outfits Possible And People Ate It Up

I kind of miss the days when YouTube was more viral videos and less ‘creators and influencers’ crying on camera because they didn’t get bumped up to Business Class for free. I think back on the good ol’ days (like 5 years ago) of prank videos pretty fondly and that’s why I love everything about this clip from The Zac and Jay Show.

The premise is simple: they want to expose the absurdity of high fashion by sneaking their regular looking friend into London Fashion Week by dressing him up in the most outrageously hideous outfits imaginable. As they say it, they’re ‘taking the piss out of Fashion Week’ by heading to a discount retailer and buying absolutely hideous items.

Did it work? You’re damn right it did. They trolled their way right into London Fashion Week and the world of high fashion ate this up hook, line, and sinker.

This clip’s a little bit longer than the videos I’m used to watching on YouTube but the payoff is great when they’re able to sneak this bloke into London Fashion Week to rub elbows with the fashion elite, all while dressed up in a cheap outfit thrown together with the express purpose of looking like hot trash.

My favorite outfit here, by far, is where they incorporate all of the ‘free’ clothing you get when you’re arrested in London and how they quickly gloss over how these dudes came to own those items. Then they dress him up like Ralphie’s pink bunny costume in A Christmas Story using their mom’s rug and boom, the fashion world eats it up.

This reminds me A LOT of the guy who faked his way into Paris Fashion Week using a pair of cheap knockoff jeans under the name Georgio Peviani. Everyone fell for it. It’s also eerily reminiscent of that time those influencers spent hundreds of dollars on Payless shoes in Beverly Hills after they opened up a fake store under the name ‘Palessi’ and these fashionistas somehow believed the Payless shoes were worth a fortune.

What won’t these people believe?