Did You Know Hackers Can Actually Take Control Of Many New Cars’ Steering Wheels, While You’re Driving?

Hackers Can Actually Take Control Of Some Cars Steering Wheels


Driving on the highway these days has become much more easy thanks to the automatic lane-keeping assist systems that come on many of today’s new cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Personally, I finally feel like something… anything that was promised to us for “THE FUTURE” has actually come close to being true.

Unfortunately, those same high tech systems have opened up today’s cars to being hacked by cybercriminals who can even go so far as to control the vehicle’s steering wheel.

Technology sure is great, until it isn’t.

According to CarBuzz

From 2021, the Department for Transportation wants new cars in the UK to be equipped with automated lane-keeping systems as standard and has launched a consultation to determine the safety of this technology. However, researchers are concerned about the potential security risks this technology poses.

Antony Edwards, COO at intelligent automation specialists Eggplant, warns this technology could enable criminals to hack into the software, steal user data, and even control the car remotely.

“It is extremely important that this type of technology is constantly tested to detect errors and anomalies in the software,” Edwards told the Daily Express.

“Autonomous driving opens up new opportunities but also risks. Ensuring driver and vehicle safety will always be a top priority.

“But in-vehicle technology also presents the challenge to protect drivers’ personal data from getting into the wrong hands.

“Securing systems against hackers and effectively securing the systems against cyber-attacks is another facet that needs to be addressed.”

Otherwise, it could end up looking something like this…

Also, forget hackers for a minute, this type of artificial intelligence system could be how the robot uprising finally begins. Can’t say we weren’t warned.

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