People Shared The Hardest Part About Being An Adult And It Hurts How Relatable This Stuff Is

The worst part about being a kid is that you have no frame of reference for how awesome it is. You’ve never experienced one single iota of responsibility, so you don’t realize that your carefree world is the best it’s going to get. I’m not trying to be a downer here. There are plenty of awesome parts about being an adult. I had pizza for breakfast yesterday and drank bourbon for dessert last night. But, there are some shitty parts about being an adult as well. Over on AskReddit, a bunch of people shared their stories of the worst parts about adulthood and a lot of this hits home (via):

Every time you think, “That’s it, this is peak responsibility” something new and glorious happens to cost money or make you feel subtly guilty about existing.

23 so still pretty green as far as adulting is concerned, but 2 things:
1) How fast time moves when you’re working. You blink and months go by, as you start to realize how important it is to find aspects of your day to day life to enjoy. Living for the weekends will kill you
2) How unstable social life can get. You’re not in school anymore, people drift apart and people will walk out of your life as quick as they walked in

I’m and old man, not sure I’ll ever be an adult.
The hardest thing for me is watching young people making the same mistakes I did, and ignoring advice.

Having to speak “corporate” language. It’s not about being respectful- I can do respectful-its the mundane conversations with people you don’t know. Your boss sending a mass email to your team about a mistake instead of informing you directly if you’re doing something wrong. The incredibly passive aggressive nature of the seniors on staff giving us “underlings” the grunt work they were too lazy to do and calling it “team building”. And always having to have your ass covered. People want an explanation, not an apology.

Buying Christmas presents for family members I don’t care about

You just have to keep going. There’s not the frequent long breaks of school or university terms to let you properly take a break from it all and just do what you would want to. Sure we get weekends and holiday time, but it’s not the same, because we have all that adult stuff to do and those times just disappear. There’s not that end point of a term or semester you get to look forward to.
Life is relentless, basically.

When I was a kid I thought adults were all smart and even keeled. As I get older, it is truly disheartening to realize how many abject morons there are in the world.

I don’t know how to make friends as an adult.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone, but for me it’s the MONOTONY.
Work, home, sleep. Work, home, sleep. Lather, rinse, repeat. Even on my days off, I’m doing things that only help to perpetuate the cycle, and some part of me isn’t satisfied. Like…this CAN’T be all life is, right? And yet, almost every adult I’ve talked to confirms that yes, this is life now.

Being forced to work ridiculous hours just to sustain my existence, never having an ounce of time or money to actually enjoy my life, and still being told I’m lazy and looking for a handout.

You know how in RPG’s you grind monotony to get to the next level of something instead of having an adventure?
How much adult life resembles that. I love the rewards, I hate the grind.

I think about how I’m partially responsible for how my child will act later in life all the time.
Will I do a good job?
Will he always love his mom and I?
How can I keep him safe but also let him be his own person?
How do you teach someone to love yourself and be who you are?
How do I teach him to be respectful but also brave and stand up for himself?

Everything is your fault/responsibility and you’re responsible for fixing it.
Not getting to work on time? It’s not the traffic, wake up earlier.
Can’t get bills paid? You’re not being underpaid, you’re not managing your money right.
Can’t make friends? Get out more. Get involved in things. You can’t stay inside all the time.
Being taxed too much? Don’t like how the govt is handling things? Get out, vote, get involved in local politics. Don’t complain if you’re not doing anything.
Too stressed? Go meditate. Go exercise. No excuse for a breakdown at work.

Regret. You’ve lived enough to make mistakes that you cannot undo and the consequences may be permanent. And all you can do is wish that you had done things different.

The “grind.” The mundane repetition. There is no glory in working ten hours then coming home to cook a meal and wash dishes, squeeze in a quick shower, and try to sleep. Then again, and again, and again. There is no fire in seeing a lightbulb burn out and adding “40w bulb” to a growing list. There is no passion in climbing the stairs to my office to sit at my desk each morning. There is no spark of life in writing e-mails interdepartmentally.

“Student loan payment is due on the 14th, mortgage is due on the 5th, I get paid on the 1st, so if I pay my mortgage and utilities with this check I’ll only be a few days late on my student loan payment and will continue to have running water and electricity at the expense of continuous calls from the bank that has the loans.”

Acknowledging the fact that it’s entirely likely you will simply live out a quiet, modest life that’s unremarkable to anyone outside your immediate circle. Accepting your own mediocrity. When you’re young, no matter how much of a loser you are, there’s always the “might be” chance that you’ll do something great or at least get rich. The older you get, the more you have to confront the fact that it’s probably not going to happen. Sure, it happens late in life for a few people, but the odds are staggeringly in favor of your life trudging on day by day until it’s end.

Not having any concrete answers in life. Your peers, parents, and other adults can provide guidance and advice, but at the end of the day you have to make the choice. Often times that choice is murky at best and you have to deal with the consequences.

As someone who just bought a piece of property: why does it cost so much just to stay alive?

Losing free time. Through the first 2 decades of life you just have so much time to allocate as you choose which just gives each day a sense of openness and freedom.
In adulthood the responsibilities set in and soon you only have a couple of hours to dedicate to whatever hobby you already have. It feels like all that potential is closed off and the days go by much quicker.

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