The Amount Of Money ‘Fortnite’ Made In The Month Of March Is Utterly Ridiculous

by 11 months ago
How Much Money Fortnite Made In March

Epic Games

If you are wondering how much money Fortnite made in the month of March, let’s just say Epic Games is pretty much printing money at this point.

When people are ignoring real-life tornados to continue playing the game and college scholarships are being awarded for being a top player, you know Fortnite has firmly ingrained itself into our culture.

Now, with “Season 3” coming to an end (what is with the comets?!), players need not worry about Epic Games not having enough resources to keep adding new goodies to Fortnite for the foreseeable future.

That’s because, as reported by research firm Superdata, Fortnite has quickly become one of the fattest cash cows the video game industry has ever seen.

There’s no other way to say it: the game is a phenomenon. Fortnite generated $223 million across all platforms (console, PC, Mobile) in March, up a whopping 73% from February. Drake, a new season of the Battle Pass, and a John Wick skin all contributed to the massive growth.

Keep in mind, Fortnite is free to play, and it still raked in that much money thanks to its many available microtransactions. It is also now the largest free-to-play console game of all time in revenue generated and monthly active users.

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