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How To Live Like A Florida Man In A Wisconsin Winter

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We here at BroBible hold the Florida Man in high honor, both the delicious Double IPA from Cigar City and the infamous character that pops up in bizarre news stories (the beer more so). For those of us that don’t live in Florida, it’s easy to daydream about living in the land of gators and screened-in pools.

Because I often retreat to the warm comfort of the Florida sunshine to visit my parents for the holidays, I like to think of myself as an honorary Florida Man. However, I know that this respite from the cold won’t last forever, and I’ll soon return to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.

Before we left to visit my parents, my fiancee and I spent a few days at her parents’ farm on the Wisconsin-Illinois border. This was just days after a bomb cyclone hit the Upper Midwest and left us with snow on the ground and punishingly cold temperatures (production note: it was 10 degrees in these photos. It was -10 the day before). I figured I would make the most of the weather and enjoy a Florida Man beer in the great outdoors. Here’s what I learned:


1. Disregard the weather

Cigar City

Let’s be honest: Florida Man and Wisconsin Man are not so different. They both live in states with punishing climates, they both get themselves into trouble from time to time, and they both appreciate an ice-cold beer.

Whether you’re melting in the humidity or shivering from the wind chill off of Lake Michigan, you should always find time to sit outside and crack open a cold one. Throw on your favorite obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and a comfy pair of shorts and enjoy (even if you can’t feel your fingers like I couldn’t).


2. Bulk up on local delicacies

In Wisconsin, that means indulging in cheese curds, summer sausage, and pretzels with beer cheese. In Florida, that means Pub Subs (I’m partial to the Havana) and mountains of seafood. I helped my future mother-in-law make pierogis, a Polish dumpling loaded with cheddar and potatoes. Carbs, butter, and cheese don’t count in the winter. Our diet starts tomorrow.


3. Enjoy a Florida Man Double IPA (or two)

There’s a reason Milwaukee is called Brew City. We drink beer, and we drink a lot of it, so we know what makes a beer good. Some of the best-known brews in the world were born here. However, I’ve been hooked on the refreshing and perfectly hoppy Florida Man ever since I discovered I could get it at my local stores.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun or huddling for warmth, an ice-cold Florida Man Double IPA from Cigar City Brewing always hits the spot. Click below to find a case!


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Tom Conroy is a journalist-turned-copywriter for BroBible. He is an NYC native, Marquette University alum, and current resident of Milwaukee, which means he spends a great deal of time screaming about the Yankees between bites of cheese curds and sips of Spotted Cow.