This Human Slingshot Built For A Backyard Party In Norway Is Next-Level Extreme

human slingshot Norway extreme

iStockphoto / goodapp

  • Svein Torp built a Human Slingshot for a backyard party in Norway and it has just taken house parties to the next level
  • A lot of design, ingenuity, and materials went into building this epic Human Slingshot and the payoff is truly incredible
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This is dangerous. This is epic. And now that I’ve seen this Human Slingshot built by Svein Torp all I want to do is be invited to his house for a party in Norway.

I’ve always been a huge fan of rope swings over a lake or river soo it comes as no surprise (to me) that I’m completely awestruck by how awesome this Human Slingshot is. There’s a lot going on here and I’m not sure I’ would’ve had have the testicular fortitude to be the first person to test it out but man, I really want to spend a day messing around with this.

It does feel like the American equivalent of this is ‘Pumpkin Chunkin’. The sport where people compete to build the most outrageous pumpkin cannon on the planet. But the moving parts of this Human Slingshot are blowing my mind. That manmade pond down below is not all that big. Does every person in the slingshot weigh the same? Do I need to lose weight to try it out? Gain some?

Anyway, there are some great clips of this on YouTube and Instagram so enjoy them all:




If anyone out there is a brilliant builder or engineer and wants to go in on a project like this, I think we should become best friends. My biggest holdup will be that I live in Florida, the recorded flattest state in the United States, so we’ll have to fire this human slingshot into gator-filled lakes here. That, or I’ll have to travel to you in the mountains somewhere.

Now that we’ve hashed out the logistics, let’s start daydreaming about how awesome our human slingshot is going to be next Summer.