Hurricane Ophelia Has Hit Ireland And The Emerald Isle Is Getting Crushed Right Now

Hurricane Ophelia managed to work its way up the Atlantic and hit Ireland. It’s extremely rare for hurricanes to cross into the Northern Atlantic and make landfall due to the chilly water often breaking up the storms, but it’s not entirely unheard of.

This is the worst storm to hit Ireland since 1961, and it’s absolutely crushing the Emerald Isle. Villages are getting pounded, boats flipped. Trees and farms destroyed. Flooding is happening all over Ireland and the footage is pretty jarring.

When you think of Ireland you think of endless rolling hills of green, peaceful farms, and sheep crossing the road. Your mind doesn’t conjure up images of a hurricane absolutely demolishing the landscape like this:

As terrifying as some of that footage is, people on Twitter seem to be taking this storm in stride and making jokes about Hurricane Ophelia:

It appears as if rural Ireland was hit significantly harder than Dublin, which isn’t surprising. A city is much more modernized than the rural farmland and thus better able to withstand a devastating storm. To all the people of Ireland, I’m thinking about you from here in Florida and hope you made it through okay.