The Signs Are Pointing To Idris Elba Taking Over As The Next James Bond

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It’s been three years since the last James Bond movie, which is about how long it’s been since Daniel Craig said he’d rather kill himself than play the spy one more time.

However, the actor gradually warmed up to the idea of portraying the agent in another movie before finally agreeing to don the tuxedo one last time after realizing how much money he’d get paid to do so.

Craig rivals LeBron James when it comes to how much speculation there is about him leaving the franchise, only fans are less concerned with where Craig will go next as opposed who will step in to fill his shoes.

While plenty of rumors have flown around since (and even before) the release of Spectre, there’s one name that continues to come up again and again: Idris Elba.

According to The Daily Star, director Antoine Fuqua spoked with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, who said she thought Elba would be ideal as Craig’s replacement.

Fuqua recapped the conversation, saying Broccoli didn’t think the next Bond necessarily needed to be another white guy and that Elba possesses the physical presence needed to take on the role.

Elba has previously expressed interest in joining the franchise and said that he personally believes anyone could play Bond regardless of race or gender (assuming they had the talent to do the character justice).

Last year, Elba said in an interview that he was very onboard but didn’t think he’d ever get actually offered a role. He might be a long way away from actually getting the call but this is still one of the more notable developments concerning Craig’s replacement so far.

As mentioned before, there are a few other names in the mix that Elba would be going up against— including Henry Cavill and his magic fists.

Elba is at a bit of a disadvantage as a 45-year-old but I’m sure he can make up for it by being Idris Elba.

Based on a quick search, this news sparked some very spicy takes on Twitter as well as a few entertaining reactions.

Who doesn’t love a good Brexit joke?


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