Jamie Foxx Makes First Statement Following Health Emergency

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Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx has made his first public statement following a scary healthy emergency that left him hospitalized for an extended period of time.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Foxx, 55 years old, made his first public comments since being hospitalized due to a “medical complication” last month.

“Appreciate all the love,” Foxx posted on Instagram on Wednesday, adding that he is “feeling blessed.”

Just hours prior to Foxx’s post on Instagram, TMZ reported that “those closest to Foxx say he needs all the prayers and well-wishes his fans can muster.” At this time, it remains unclear what caused Foxx to be hospitalized and what his current condition is.

Back in April, Foxx was hospitalized after suffering from a still undisclosed medical emergency while filming the Netflix film Back in Action alongside Cameron Diaz — in her first film role in since 2014 — down in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to his Oscar-winning performance as Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic Ray, Foxx is also known for his performances in films such as Collateral, Ali, Jarhead, Dreamgirls, Miami Vice, Horrible Bosses, Django Unchained, Annie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Baby Driver, Just Mercy, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Alongside his acting roles, Foxx is also an accomplished musician as he has released five studio albums — Peep This (1994), Unpredictable (2005), Intuition (2008), Best Night of My Life (2010), and Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses (2015) — over the course of his career.

Foxx’s most recent appearance came in the 2022 Netflix film Day Shift. This year, Foxx is set to appear in three more films: the R-rated comedy Strays alongside Will Ferrell, the Nick Cassavetes-directed action thriller God Is A Bullet, and the Netflix sci-fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone. Additionally, Foxx is also attached to further films such as Geechee, The Burial, Tin Soldier, Groove Tails, and the aforementioned Back In Action.

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