Universal Pictures Reportedly Planning To Remake ‘Jaws,’ Hopeful To Get Spielberg On Board

cage diver captures real life great white shark copying iconic jaws movie poster

Universal Pictures

There is a report that Universal Pictures is remaking the classic 1975 thriller Jaws, and that would be a tremendously abominable idea.

According to an unverified report by WeGotThis, Steven Spielberg is the studio’s hopeful target to produce the new great white shark action flick. Spielberg directed Jaws and it was the first movie that catapulted the legendary director’s cinema career.

In 2016, Spielberg said that he “would never remake one of my own movies – starting with Jaws. I would never remake Jaws.” Spielberg rejected an offer to direct Jaws 2, and wisely so. This doesn’t sound like Spielberg would be down for Jaws 5.

The report states that Universal wants to tap Andy Muschietti as director, who is a hot commodity after making It and It Chapter Two.

Freelance journalist and author Peter Benchley wrote Jaws the novel in 1974 after Doubleday commissioned the book in 1971. Jaws was about the resort town of Amity Island in New England on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean where a massive great white shark feasted on tourists while the mayor wanted to rake in the money despite the danger in the water. The inspiration for the gargantuan shark was a 1916 shark sighting in New Jersey. The book sold millions of copies and was on the bestseller list for 44 weeks.

Universal Pictures purchased the adaptation rights for $150,000, plus paid Benchley an extra $25,000 for him to write the screenplay. Universal owns the rights to that story, so for the studio, it makes sense to just make another film on that proven property instead of investing in a new movie idea or paying for a screenplay.

The original Jaws had a budget of $7 million and made $470,653,000 at the worldwide box office. The sequels were significantly less succesful. 1978’s Jaws 2 earned $187,884,007, Jaws 3 made $87,987,055, and 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge made $51,881,013.

It wasn’t only profits to plummet in the Jaws sequels, review scores also nosedived. Jaws received a near-perfect 98% score from Rotten Tomatoes, Jaws 2 earned a 60% score, Jaws 3 dropped to a 10% score, and Jaws: The Revenge got an abysmal 0% score. That caused Universal Pictures to bury the shark-centric movie franchise.

While the special effects for Jaws weren’t perfect (they were state-of-the-art for 1975) and would be improved by today’s amazing CGI and special effects, but wouldn’t be so much better than the original that you would forget about how superb the first movie was.

I’m sorry, you’re not replacing Quint, and you’re definitely not replacing Amity mayor Larry Vaughn or his remarkable suits.

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