People Think Jeff Bezos Got Ripped Off After Dropping $4K On A Celebratory Wine Bottle

Jeff Bezos

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If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with a wine list boasting some bottles that cost more than what you make in a month, there’s a very good chance you’ve spent plenty of time browsing the menu before settling for the second-least expensive option in a fairly transparent attempt to not seem like a total cheapskate.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who don’t even have to take the price into consideration before flagging down the sommelier—including Jeff Bezos, a man who doesn’t really have to check his bank account before making any purchase thanks to a net worth that’s estimated to be around $145 billion.

That number would be even higher if it wasn’t for the $38 billion he handed over to his ex-wife MacKenzie after she and the rest of the world learned he’d engaged in the affair with Lauren Sanchez that came to light at the beginning of 2019.

Bezos and Sanchez continued their relationship after he divorced his former spouse, and last month, they decided to take things to the next level after she accepted his marriage proposal.

The happy couple opted to celebrate their engagement by heading to La Petite Maison, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Cannes where they enjoyed a meal that was complemented by a bottle of 2015 Dugat-Py Grand Cru, a pinot noir produced at the Le Chambertin vineyard that the establishment sells for $4,285 a bottle.

However, according to The New York Post, a number of wine experts believe Bezos may have gotten hosed by the restaurant, as one of the bottles in question was auctioned off for a fairly paltry $647.29 in 2022 and it (and other somewhat recent vintages) appear to be selling for triple digits at a number of online wine retailers.

Of course, you’re going to pay a premium for any bottle of wine you order while eating out (especially when the establishment in question is a Michelin-starred spot in Cannes), and something tells me Bezos is going to be just fine even if he did overpay.

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