You Could Win Free JetBlue Flights For A Year If You’re Willing To Make The Ultimate Social Media Sacrifice

jetblue free flights delete instagram


As we all know by now, most millennials are poor as shit so they’re forced to turn to another form of capital to prove their worth: social currency.

I’m not a big Instagram guy but I recently found myself scrolling through photos and almost threw my phone at the wall after coming across a picture of a happy couple posing together with beers in hand above a caption along the lines of “If you don’t go to a brewery and take a picture did you really even go there at all?”

Yes. Yes, you fucking did.

There have been plenty of studies that have looked into the impact of social media on modern society and come away with some worrying conclusions, as spending too much time on various platforms—which are as addictive as some drugs—can have a serious impact on your financial well-being in addition to your mental health.

I’ve been trying to wean myself off of social media in recent months with varying degrees of success—I now wait until after going to the bathroom in the morning before checking Twitter—and if you’re in the same boat and looking for some incentive, JetBlue might be able to help you out.

According to The Verge,  the airline is currently running a contest that requires a major sacrifice to enter: deleting all of your Instagram photos.

If you can manage to stomach that concept and actually go through with things, all you have to do is upload a photo provided on the page linked above with the appropriate mention and hashtag before March 8th.

If you’re one of the three selected winners, you’ll land unlimited flights for an entire year (although you’ll have to pay taxes and fees on each one) but don’t worry—you’ll be free to Instagram your travels as much as you please once the contest ends.

Let The Purge commence.

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