JFK Files Show CIA Informant’s Memo And Photo Of Hitler Allegedly Living In Colombia In 1950s

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Adolf Hitler death came on April 30, 1945, when he and committed suicide by ingesting a cyanide capsule and then shot himself with a pistol in a refurbished air-raid shelter buried 55-feet under the Reich Chancellery as Russia’s Red Army swarmed Berlin. The Soviets cremated the bodies of Hitler and his wife Eva Braun in the chancellery garden. Or so they would have you believe. A newly uncovered report from the JFK files states that Hitler did not kill himself in the doomed bunker, but rather the Fuhrer somehow escaped to Colombia and was seen as late as the 1950s.

Last the week, 2,891 documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination investigation were released. Included in the new revelations were some intriguing conspiracy theories, interesting anecdotes about a Fidel Castro bounty and sex parties with Frank Sinatra. Also included in the JFK files was a report of an informant telling the CIA that Adolf Hitler was alive and well in South America.

A decades-old memo from a CIA informant regarding the death of Hitler will certainly excite conspiracy theorists. Newly declassified documents reveal that an informant told the CIA that Hitler escaped Europe as his Third Reich was crushed by the Red Army and the Allied Forces. Before Berlin was captured by the Soviets, Hitler reportedly fled to Colombia to avoid capture according to a memo in the JFK files.

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