First Photo Of Joaquin Phoenix In Joker Makeup Revealed And He Definitely Looks Like A Mass-Murdering Clown


Earlier this week, director Todd Phillips showcased the first photo of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, but the actor was not decked out in the facepaint known to The Clown Prince of Crime. For the upcoming origin story Joker movie, the Old School director posted a pic of Joaquin Phoenix looking much like Joaquin Phoenix with the caption: “Arthur.”

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Comic book fans were disappointed that the photo was a makeup-less photo of Arthur Fleck so they made their own photos of what Joaquin as the mass-murdering, psychopathic clown would look like.

Turns out that the fans were pretty close to nailing what Joaquin Phoenix would look like as fully painted Joker. On Friday afternoon, Phillips and Warner Bros. posted a video of Phoenix as The Joker with his face painted as the The Ace of Knaves.

Joaquin’s Joker definitely has a John Wayne Gacy Jr. clown serial killer vibe.

Whether it not Joaquin’s Joker will top Heath Ledger’s legendary performance in 2008 of the Batman villain is yet to be seen, but many are already betting that he will be better than Jared Leto’s campy version from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

The upcoming Joker movie will also star Robert De Niro as a talk show host, Zazie Beetz as a romantic interest of The Joker, Marc Maron, and Bryan Callen. The Joker movie is scheduled to hit theaters in October 4, 2019.

Production began this month in New York City and you can see some photos below.