Joe Rogan Said He’d ‘Probably Vote For Bernie Sanders’ But Many Sanders Supporters Are Angry About The Endorsement

Joe Rogan genuinely attempts to be fair and invite a wide spectrum of guests from all different walks of life to his ultra-successful podcast. However, Rogan’s willingness to at least hear out different voices and points of view have also provided ammunition to certain groups who don’t believe everyone should be able to express their beliefs, especially if those convictions don’t align with their own.

There is a loud minority of people who believe comedian Joe Rogan is “racist, homophobic and transphobic.” Some of which are Bernie Sanders supporters, so when Joe Rogan said that he would “probably vote for Bernie Sanders,” they were not happy.

During a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the comedian and UFC announcer interviewed New York Times columnist Bari Weiss, who turned the tables and asked Joe a question. Weiss asked Rogan, who is a Democrat, who he would vote for in the 2020 Democrat primary.

“I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie,” Rogan responded. “He’s been insanely consistent his entire life. He’s basically been saying the same thing, been for the same thing his whole life. And that in and of itself is a very powerful structure to operate from.”

Not really sure if “consistency” is the best metric to judge a proficient leader. You could argue that Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Chairman Mao were all “insanely consistent” during their reigns.

Never-the-less, you understand the nuance of Rogan’s point that Sanders has, for the most part, advocated for the same kind of government policies now as in 1981 when he became mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Whereas a politician such as Elizabeth Warren was a card-carrying Republican up until 1995, but she is now on the left and more progressive side of the Democratic Party.

“Look, you could dig up dirt on every single human being that’s ever existed if you catch them in their worst moment, and you magnify those moments, and you cut out everything else and you only display those moments,” Rogan said while discussing Sanders. “That said, you can’t find very many with Bernie.”

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The Sanders campaign took the clip from JRE and shared it to Bernie’s official Twitter account, touting the statement as an endorsement.

The Joe Rogan Experience has the highest unaided awareness of all podcasts among monthly podcast users, gets 190 million downloads per month, and has been the second most downloaded podcast on iTunes for over two years. This is fantastic news for the Sanders campaign right? Wrong.

Many of Sanders’ supporters were quick to voice their “outrage” that Joe Rogan was a “toxic” figure that is “racist, homophobic and transphobic.” In the era of cancel culture and oversensitivity, promoting an endorsement from Joe Rogan is apparently atrocious.

Sanders supporters, opponents, and media attacked Bernie on Twitter for being proud to get the Joe Rogan endorsement.

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There were some people who defended Joe Rogan from the assault on Twitter, many pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.

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Sanders appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience in August and gave a two-hour interview where they talked about UFOs and drug legalization, of course. Rogan also had 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard on the JRE. However, Rogan admitted that at least four other Democratic presidential candidates asked to appear on his massively popular podcast, but he denied them.

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