People Are Mad At Joe Rogan For Criticizing Black Lives Matter Protests On His Podcast

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Joe Rogan had an interesting weekend on social media. On Saturday, old clips of Rogan’s podcast, including one of him laughing at Joey Diaz bragging about coercing female comedians into giving him oral sex in exchange for stage time, resurfaced on Twitter and received plenty of criticism.

In one clip of the JRE podcast that made the rounds on the Internet, Rogan was critical of the Black Lives Matter protests for not having what he describes as an “endgame” and just rallying against an “invisible enemy.”

To see this leaderless movement, it seems so attractive to young people that do feel disenfranchised by the system. I’ve watched so many videos of these people screaming and chanting and they feel like they’re part of something right? They are, right? But what’s the end goal? That doesn’t seem to be very clear.

There are kids out in Woodland Hills out there chanting no justice, no peace…and I’m like what justice are you talking about? Are you talking about George Floyd? In that case, it seems like that guy is going to go to jail for the rest of his life. I don’t know if that’s justice or not. That police department has been disbanded. I don’t know if that’s justice or not, but what is justice and what is peace? It’s just a slogan and they feel good saying it.

I don’t know what you’re saying but you feel very passionate about what you’re saying and if you pull one of those kids aside and ask them what’s your message and what are you trying to do I think a lot of them would have nothing to say. That is very concerning to me, I’m very concerned because they seem enthusiastic and passionate about an invisible enemy, an enemy they can’t put on a scale, they can’t tangibly describe it in a way that I can understand it completely. It just feels like the structure of things is unjust.

Rogan’s comments ruffled some feathers online and he was called out by several prominent Twitter users including NBA star Bradley Beal.

Despite calls for Rogan to be “cancelled”, as of now it doesn’t seem like his $100 million Spotify deal is in jeopardy.

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