Joey Chestnut Eats 200 Boneless Wings In 38 Minutes Days After Devouring 57 Hot Dogs

Joey Chestnut after eating 200 boneless wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

You might think Joey Chestnut would’ve taken some time to recover after he housed close to 60 hot dogs on the Fourth of July, but the man, myth, and legend didn’t even wait a week to help himself to a grand total of 200 boneless wings after taking on another challenge.

As you probably know by now, Joey Chestnut was barred from competing in the 2024 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which ended his eight-year reign as champion and formed a void that helped competitive eating veteran Patrick Bertoletti secure his first Mustard Belt after shoving down 58 glizzies in 10 minutes.

However, Chestnut was still in action on Independence Day, as the man who is arguably America’s greatest living athlete headed to Fort Bliss in Texas to face off against four soldiers in a hot dog eating contest where they collectively housed 49 of them but were unable to top the 57 he was able to devour in just five minutes.

No one would’ve blamed Chestnut for taking a well-earned break, but he didn’t waste any time getting back into action.

On Monday, he headed to a Buffalo Wild Wings location in Indiana for a challenge with some pretty serious stakes, as the restaurant chain had promised to extend its all-you-can-eat boneless wings promotion for more than a month if he was able to eat 200 of them in a single sitting.

Chestnut—who holds the International Federation of Competitive Eating “long form” record for bone-in wings after eating 182 in 30 minutes—was able to do exactly that, as he channeled his inner Wilt Chamberlain in the picture he posed for after making his way through 200 boneless wings in 37 minutes and 48 seconds (if you’re curious, Bertoletti is the official IFOCE record holder in that category due to the nine pounds he ate in 10 minutes in 2011).

As a result, anyone who wants to try to replicate what Chestnut did can head to B-Dubs on a Monday or Wednesday until August 14th to try to give him a run for his money.

Good luck with that.

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