Fan Creates Tremendous Free ‘John Wick’ NES Video Game That Is Harder Than A Keanu Reeves Book To The Mouth

Summit Entertainment

The John Wick movie franchise has made over $577 million at the worldwide box office. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the dog-loving assassin, there hasn’t been an official John Wick video game (there was a Keanu Reeves-looking bearded man in a suit with guns character in Fortnite). Even Catwoman, a movie from 2004 that has a 9% Rotten Tomatoes score, got its own video game.

One John Wick fan has remedied the issue of a lack of John Wick video games. Developer MuriloDev has created a shoot’em up style video game with the prolific hitman as if it would be on NES. Complete with 8-bit graphics and cheesy sound effects, this is a perfect throwback to old school gaming. It has somewhat of a side-scrolling shooter Contra vibe, but you can’t hit “UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START” for 30 extra lives.

“This action platformer game is based on a fake NES tribute video for the John Wick movie for what might’ve looked like if a NES game was released back in the day,” the game’s description reads.

It appears that you only have access to a handgun, sorry, no submachine guns or murder pencils. The John Wick NES game is incredibly difficult. You even have a shoot-out with a missile-launching attack helicopter because every level needs a boss.

The best part might be that you can play the video game for free at

For those wanting more John Wick video game action will have to wait a little longer for John Wick Hex, a shooter strategy game that was first introduced in May, but has no set release date.