Justin Bieber Got A Massive Tattoo That Took 26 Hours To Finish And People Were Not Impressed

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Justin Bieber got some ink done this week. A lot of ink in fact. Bieber’s torso tattoo is so massive and intricate that it took 26 hours for it to be completed. Over the course of three days, New York City-based celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy created the tattoos on Bieber’s rib case and stomach.

The ink includes gargoyles and skeletons. OHHHH SPOOKY! Just in time for Halloween.

Serious questions only: 1.) Who leaves their toothbrush inside the dirty sink? 2.) Who eats Chips Ahoy! in the same room that you shit? 3.) Why do you need a spoon in the bathroom?

The new torso tattoo features archways across his pecks that connects a lion and bear. Oh my!

Where’s his bellybutton? What the fuck happened to his bellybutton? It’s gone.

Bieber now has over 60 tattoos, but not everyone was impressed with the expansive bodyart. The internet was quick to comment on the 23-year-old pop star’s new tattoos.

Let’s take a moment to remember Bieber’s first tattoo.

Awe. Adorable.