Let’s Get A Round Of Applause For The Winner Of The USA Mullet Kids Championship

kids wins USA Mullet Kids Championship

iStockphoto / SergeyChayko

  • 11-year-old Allan Baltz won 1st place in the 2021 USA Mullet Kids Championship
  • He plans on donating his winnings to foster care as he himself was raised in foster care
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11-year-old Allan Baltz just won the USA Mullet Kids Championship by having the best lettuce and flow in America. He’s awesome. And not just because he has such an enviable mullet, he’s planning on donating his winnings to foster care.

I think at some point in my life I knew there was a USA Mullet Kids Championship, I might have even written something about it a few years ago, but I’d completely forgotten about it until today. The competition was deep but Allan Baltz ran away with 1st place and received almost 900 more votes than the 2nd place finisher.

Here are the winners of the USA Mullet Kids Championship and the winners of the Teen Division. All of these gentlemen are winners in my eyes.


This article could start and end with me discussing how Allan has the best mullet in America, which he does, but there’s so much more to his story. According to WAVE 3 NEWS, Allan’s plan is to donate his winnings to foster care because he’s experienced foster care himself.

He was placed in his mother Lesli Baltz’s home at just 4-years-old and he has a “rare genetic syndrome (X-linked Opitz G/BBB Syndrome)” which has led to β€œ3 surgeries and countless hours of therapy to improve his speech and motor skills.”

At just 11-years-old, Allan already sounds like a better man than most:

β€œHe is also the most emphatic human I know. He has a ridiculous mullet now, and when he realized a mullet contest has a cash reward, his first words were β€˜If I do it, then I can give the money to kids in foster care,” Lesli Baltz said. β€œThe boy we adopted through foster care instantly wanting to give back … no thought of what he could get for himself by winning.”

It’s hard to imagine the overwhelming pride (deservedly so) his mom must feel hearing him say that.

There’s also a Men’s Open Division part of the competition which was held back at the end of August and the top three finalists have spectacular mullets.

There’s an ‘about’ page on the MulletChamp website that has some interesting information on it if you’re looking to learn more about the history of the mullet and the most famous mullets throughout time. It really is a full rundown of everything you’d ever want to read about mullets so check out that site if you want to learn more.