Kim Kardashian Says 7-Year-Old Daughter Did Painting That Looks Like A Bob Ross, No One Believes Her

Kim Kardashian Says North West Did A Painting No One Believes Her

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On Monday, Kim Kardashian posted a picture to her Instagram account of a Bob Ross-style painting that she says was done by her 7-year-old daughter North West.

“My little artist North,” Kardashian captioned the image.

Now, obviously being the offspring of Kanye West, a man overflowing with creativity, would give a child like North West a leg up when it comes to things like painting.

Plus, Kanye is not just talented in the music field, he also has a bit of a visual artist in him as well.

That being said, if North really did do that painting all by herself then she’s already on course to pass her dad’s skills with a brush.

The problem is, almost no one on the internet believes Kim Kardashian when she says that North painted the scene which looks like it came straight out of a Bob Ross video.

This woman, however, believes it is entirely possible that North created that painting, saying her mom, who has been an art teacher for 30 years, uses that very painting in teaching most of her classes and even says she taught North how to paint the same one two weeks ago?

So, are you buying it?