Lil Dicky Wakes Up In Chris Brown’s Body In Hilarious New Music Video He Calls ‘The Best Work Of My Life’


Everyone was beginning to wonder if Lil Dicky would ever return to music after a three-year hiatus. Well, the comedy rapper has made his long-awaited return to comedy rap in what he calls “the best work of his life.

The 30-year-old Pennsylvania native teamed up with Chris Brown to deliver the soon-to-be-viral music video for “Freaky Friday.” The concept is Dicky, a self-degrading rapper who is constantly questioning his coolness, wakes up in the body of Chris Brown. Brown, save the legal disputes, lives a much cooler life than Dicky, perpetually being smothered by women and dancing like MJ.

The music video features cameos from Jimmy Tatro, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner. Check out one of the most creative music videos you’ll ever see below:

What do you guys think? Did Dicky live up to his promise of not letting the Dickheads down? Did this music video make you laugh more than Dicky’s 11-minute music video for Pillow Talk? Are you surprised that in 2018 people are still collaborating with Chris Brown despite his infinite domestic disputes? Your opinion matters.

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