Filmmaker Says He Has Seen The ‘Most Compelling’ UFO Video Ever, And Logan Paul Has Copy Of It

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One of the holy grails for UFO hunters is supposedly a video that was recorded by two men in the early 1990s.

The footage, which is said to be in possession of UFO expert Chuck Clark, has been called the “most compelling” UFO video ever recorded.

Interestingly, the supposed “most spectacular” UFO photo ever taken was revealed after being classified for over 30 years.

One person who claims to have watched the UFO video that Chuck Clark owns is documentary filmmaker James Fox.

This week, Fox appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and shared what he knows about it.

Fox said he was at home one day when Clark called him and said, “James, I got something you need to see.”

When Fox asked what it was, Clark told him, “I can’t tell you, but your jaw is going to hit the floor when you see it.”

So he drives out to Clark’s home in Rachel, Nevada, Chuck pops a VHS tape into a VCR, and sees two guys who look like they’re just out on a road trip through the desert.

“Then all of a sudden, and I saw this with my own eyes, all of a sudden the car’s parked and it’s parked out by the black mailbox in the desert. It’s dusk. The camera is on the armrest between the two seats and it’s slightly cocked, like, it’s like, it’s not level, and it’s filming the dashboard and the screen, the windscreen, windshield, and and there’s two guys in there sounding like. you can’t see them. sounding like they’re trying to crawl under the seats I mean they’re freaking out.

“And then, one of them goes, ‘it’s over the top of us! it’s over the top of us!’ … then all of a sudden the car lights up on the inside, but the source of light is above it, like, if you can imagine, never seen anything like this, if you could put a pendulum with a light source above a vehicle, like above the car, like this, but very slow and fluid motion, like rocking back and forth, the shadows and the lights on the inside of the car are doing this really eerily, you’ve never seen anything like it, I’m looking like my God what is going on?

“And they’re very scared and one kid who’s the younger of the two is like, I’m getting out! I’m getting out! Stay in the car! it’s over the top but stay in the f****** car!’ He goes, ‘no, I’m getting out!’ and he gets out and he videotapes a disc that was so low you could have hit it with a rock. And I’m looking at this thing and I’m like, that’s what all the witnesses have tried to describe. That’s, like, if you could imagine the skin on the craft glowing like phosphorus on a beach. That’s what it looked like. Like the skin was alive. And it had like a yellowy orange color to it, but you could clearly see it was a disc, I mean it was not an orb, it was a disc, but the metal lit up like it was alive. I’d never see anything like it. And it just wobbled like it was unstable … and the camera guy goes, ‘oh my God!’ and then something about the batteries and then, boom, it shuts off.”

After Joe Rogan expressed some skepticism about the authenticity of such a UFO video (unless Chuck Clark is in reality a Fed), James Fox says he was met with a similar response from Logan Paul when he appeared on his Impaulsive podcast to talk about the video.

However, Logan Paul was so excited about the video that he took Chuck Clark’s information from James Fox and went to see the guy with $100,000 in cash.

Paul eventually finds Chuck Clark, offers him the $100K (Fox had previously offered $30K), but Clark tells him no.

What Clark doesn’t realize is that Logan Paul has a button camera on his clothes and records clips of the video when it is shown to him.

Unfortunately, Fox says, Logan Paul, just like the guys who shot the supposed most compelling UFO video ever, is afraid of what the US government will do if he releases it.

In another segment of the show, James Fox discussed an incident which was alleged to have occurred in Brazil called The Varginha Incident, or Brazil’s Roswell, which is detailed in his 2022 documentary, Moment of Contact.

The story he tells is the stuff of nightmares.

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