Fun Interactive Map Shows The Most Popular Christmas Candy By State And Just… No, Illinois, No

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Map Most Popular Christmas Candy State


Remember that cool interactive map we shared with you back in October that showed the most popular Halloween candy by state? You know, the map that made us question sanity of people in Connecticut, Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina?

Yeah, well, now we have an interactive map which reveals the most popular Christmas candy by state and once again we have some serious questions for certain states.

First off, Illinois, what is going on? Jolly Ranchers? For Christmas? Yes, I know, it has the word “jolly” in it, but that in no way qualifies it a Christmas candy.

Illinois wasn’t alone though. There were also some other head-scratchers the folks over at uncovered in their survey of over 50,000 customers.

For instance, when exactly did Skittles become a Christmas candy Florida, Montana and New York? Florida, you don’t have to answer, because, well, you’re Florida, but the rest of you? What’s up with that?

Here are a few more Christmas candy facts…

— 1.76 Billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season.
— Approximately 150 million chocolate Santas are produced annually.
— The largest candy cane in the world was made in Switzerland. It was 51 feet long.
— December 26th is National Candy Cane Day.
— Canada spent $362M (USD) in Dec 2014 on candy, confectionery & snack foods.
— 59% of holiday sales are expected to be online.

Here’s an interactive map which shows the top three Christmas candies by state (just hover your mouse over each state to see the results)…

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