Marvel Studios Reportedly Eyeing ‘Breaking Bad’ Star For Role Of Professor X

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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe approaches its the beginning of its post-Endgame universe, some of the biggest questions surrounding the behemoth franchise are who will portray some of the iconic Marvel roles that we’ve yet to see in the MCU thus far.

And perhaps of all the famed Marvel characters that we’ve yet to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, arguably the most discussed and dissected are the ying and yang of the X-Men universe: Professor X and Magneto.

As we’ve previously reported, Marvel Studios is reportedly considering casting people of color in the iconic roles, with an eye on Denzel Washington for Magneto and, according to We Got This Covered, an eye on former Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito for the role of Professor X.

When it comes to Professor X in particular, we’re hearing from our sources that Marvel has their eye on a pair of Breaking Bad stars for the role.

Apparently, casting an actor of color for the part is just an idea right now and not set in stone. If the studio does indeed head down this route, though, then Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, is one star they have on their wishlist. That doesn’t mean a formal offer’s been made yet, and the actor may not even know he’s being eyed, but our sources insist he’s someone Kevin Feige and co. are interested in. [We Got This Covered]

Frankly, while both Esposito and Cranston would crush as Charles Xavier, I’m certainly partial to Cranston landing the role, as there are few characters in the Marvel Universe as well-suited for his talents as Professor X is.

Despite becoming a household name for his portrayal of a villain, the only reason the character of Walter White is so effective is because of the humanity that Cranston was able to instill in him, which bodes well when it comes to playing someone like Professor X, whose primary characteristic is his compassion.

While most of the casting news surrounding X-Men has been nothing more than speculation, it’s clear that Marvel Studios obviously has a specific direction they’re heading in, and that direction is different.


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