Matt LaFleur’s Beer Drinking Grandma Jean Honored By Sam Adams With Special Custom Boston Lager Pack On Her 95th Birthday

Sam Adams

Wisconsin native Grandma Jean celebrated her 95th birthday last week. Considering that Jean has enjoyed a Sam Adams Boston Lager every day for the past 36 years, her family reached out to the company to see if they could do something special for her.

To celebrate the occasion, Sam Adams created a custom Boston Lager pack featuring personalized bottles of Grandma Jean herself and a list of Jean’s rules for enjoying a perfect Boston Lager.

Grandma Jean drinks a Boston Lager every day. She has for 36 years. For her 95th birthday, her family asked if we could do something nice for her. After decades of loyalty, we think Jean deserves a little extra.

It turns out that Grandma Jean is the grandmother of Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur who sent her this message on Twitter.

After drinking more than 13,000 Sam Adams beers in her lifetime, Grandma Jean has developed special rules to enjoying the perfect Boston Lager and we’re certainly going to try it out for ourselves.

Grandma Jean’s Perfect Boston Lager

Take bottle out of fridge
Place in the freezer
Set timer for 10 minutes
Grab beer out of freezer
Put beer into koozie (preferably favorite sports team)
Enjoy and repeat 1-2 times
Always have an extra 12pk on hand

Happy birthday Grandma Jean.