Glorious Tribute To Michael Scott’s Ridiculous Love Of Food On ‘The Office’

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It has been 2,287 days since The Office finale aired on NBC and one of the most popular TV comedies in recent history went off the air. That’s roughly 54,888 hours or about 3,293,280 minutes or approximately 197,596,800 seconds since the last time a new episode of The Office hit the airwaves but it really doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago.

The reason it doesn’t feel like half of a decade has passed since The Office series finale is probably because 1) reruns are constantly running on Comedy Central and 2) it is by FAR the most binge-watched TV show on Netflix. Last year, Netflix subscribers spent a total of 52.1 BILLION minutes streaming The Office and the second most watched show as Friends with a total of 32.6 billion. Grey’s Anatomy was third with 30.3 billion minutes.

Thankfully for diehard fans of The Office who want something more, there’s YouTube. The official YouTube channel for The Office is still as active as ever. Several times a week they pump out new compilations and ‘Best Of’ tributes, chopping up some of the funniest running gags and jokes across the nine season.

In this latest clip, we marvel at Michael Scott‘s ridiculous love of food. That infamous ‘Sbarro’s Pizza’ scene in Time’s Square might be one of the all-time most quoted moments from The Office. Every single time a tourist visits New York they make some joke about Sbarro’s like it’s the first time anyone’s ever thought of it. Every. Single. Time.

But this clip is fantastic and for fans of The Office this is better than anything you’ll find on the Food Network at this hour:

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