Some Guy Tried To Bring A Missile Launcher On His Flight And The TSA Wasn’t Too Keen About That

You know how TSA is super strict about bringing dangerous objects onto commercial airplanes? I mean, you can only bring 18 drops of liquid on a flight because it is a potential hazard. Well, one man thought it would be hunky-dory to bring a missile launcher onto his flight.

A man, who is an active-duty military member, attempted to bring a sweet souvenir home from Kuwait on his Monday morning flight. The guy was traveling from Kuwait to Maryland and thought it was great idea to bring a missile launcher along with him. When the man arrived at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in Maryland, Transportation Security Administration agents detected a missile launcher in his checked luggage.

“@TSA officers at @BWI_Airport detected this missile launcher in a checked bag early this morning,” a tweet by TSA Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein stated. “Man said he was bringing it back from Kuwait as a souvenir. Perhaps he should have picked up a keychain instead!”

Baltimore is even more dangerous than I thought.

TSA agents confiscated the inert missile launcher and the man from Texas (that explains everything) was permitted to catch his connecting flight. The missile launcher did not have a missile, so it is basically harmless, but it is still a missile launcher.

The missile launcher will definitely make TSA’s blog of confiscated items.

According to Wikipedia, Griffin is a “lightweight, precision-guided munition developed by Raytheon that can be launched from the ground or air as a rocket-powered missile or dropped from the air as a guided bomb.” The AGM-176 Griffin has a “relatively small warhead” and was “used in combat by the United States military during the War in Afghanistan.”

Can we talk about how lax the airport security is in Kuwait when you can bring a missile launcher on a plane?

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