The Awesome Mr. Clarke On ‘Stranger Things’ Looks A Bit Different From The Character In Real Life

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Mr. Clarke is one of the most underrated characters on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. How he interacts with the kids is how I wish all of my teachers had been when I was in grade school.

I mean, jeez, he lets them call him at home to ask “science” questions, and actually seems interested!

Without Mr. Clarke being a sort of glue that ties much of the supernatural stuff together for the kids the show would be very different.

That being said, the man who plays him, Randy Havens, is a little bit different from Scott Clarke in real life. (I had no idea his name was Scott until just now.)

For one thing, he looks very little like Mr. Clarke when he’s not working on Stranger Things.

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I made a new friend today!

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Current face

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For another, he doesn’t really know a whole lot about science.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still some parallels between Havens and Clarke, because there definitely are.

First off, based on the Reddit AMA Havens did a year ago, he really does seem to be very thoughtful and nice. In fact, he sounds a whole lot like Mr. Clarke in his answers.

Q: Did you bring the moustache into the show, or did the show bring out your inner moustache? What about the sweater vests? You just look so natural in them, you make me, as a teacher, want to bring back that look.

A: Haha Shawn Levy once told me the mustache was a BIG FACTOR in me getting hired, so I definitely brought it to the show. I grew it for an AMC series called Halt and Catch Fire and ended up having it for about a year. I’m so glad it helped me get this part.

I used to wear sweater vests. I had a professor in college tell me that I must secretly be dangerous because I’d have to be brave to dress the way that I did. So be brave and wear sweater vests! Also, the on-set teacher for the kids and Mr. Clarke had almost the exact same style. It was amazing.

Q: Hello thank you for doing this! What would be the dating tips of Mr Clarke ?

A: Be yourself and love what you do and the right person will come into your life!

Q: Obligatory “Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?”

On a more serious note, did you do anything in particular to prepare for your role? And was the moustache real?

A: I’ll keep it open for you guys!

Mostly I just tried to keep my heart open, as Mr. Clarke is so kind and seems to live his life from a place of openness and kindness. I went through a breakup a week before we started shooting, so that definitely helped me stay connected to that emotionally honest part of me. Although I definitely cried a lot more than I normally would have!

The mustache was CGI.

That last part was a joke, obv.

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Goodbye, old friend… 😭😭😭

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Before Stranger Things, Havens appeared on shows like Halt and Catch Fire, Sleepy Hollow, and done voice-work as Mr. Rompers on Archer.

Next up on his schedule is a TV series called Living the Dream and the films Godzilla: King of Monsters, Boy Erased and The Front Runner.

Plus, of course, (hopefully) Stranger Things 3.

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