We Regret To Inform You Mustard Donuts Are Now A Thing That Exist

Mustard Donuts Now Exist Thanks To French's


If you spend enough time online, you’re likely aware there’s nothing more The Brands love more than using “National [Something That Doesn’t Really Need A Full Day Devoted To It] Day” as an excuse to drum up publicity with the help of some kind of zany stunt.

For example, Tropicana used National Orange Juice Day to justify the release of a cereal that called for a hefty pour of OJ as opposed to milk, while Digiornio used National Ice Cream day to roll out a pizza-inspired kit.

A few years ago, French’s unleashed a similarly unconventional dairy treat upon an unsuspecting world with the release of an ice cream inspired by its flagship condiment that actually had no business being as good as it was in celebration of National Mustard Day, which falls on August 6th.

That’s a pretty hard act to follow as far as uniqueness is concerned, but after having a few years to brainstorm, some creative minds were able to dream up a potentially worthy successor in the form of the mustard donuts that will be available for a limited time this weekend.

According to a press release, French’s teamed up with New York City’s Dough for a creation that “reimagines a classic glazed doughnut with a vibrant sweet and savory yellow mustard coating that is topped with a yellow mustard cake crumble.”

If you find that concept intriguing (as opposed to the many people who will probably instinctively gag by simply reading the words “mustard donut”), you’ll be able to snag them for yourself at all of Dough’s NYC locations on Saturday (there will also be a limited quantity available for purchase online when the sale goes live at 9 AM Eastern Time).

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