Netflix Users Who Are Just Watching ‘Friends’ For The First Time Are Making Some A+ Observations

Netflix Watching Friends First Time Observations

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I know it’s hard to believe, but apparently not every single person on the planet watched Friends when it aired on NBC back in the day. (Not to mention the thousands and thousands of times it aired in reruns on multiple channels.)

So when Netflix decided to finally stick all 10 seasons of Friends online this month in the UK (we got to watch all 236 episodes uninterrupted back in 2015), people over there were, needless to say, very psyched.

And what has happened since then is that, unlike most of the rest of us, who have either already seen all of the episodes or have long-since forgotten about them, is that the people who have never watched Friends before are pointing out some things that only someone who is watching Friends for the first time might notice.

Check out some of these tremendous observations people over in the UK have been making about our beloved show…

Hey, it was the 1990s, people.

Ummm… no comment.

Also, people REALLY, REALLY seem to hate Ross.

No idea, Becky.


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So… no one thinks that Monica and Joey were drug addicts? Interesting.

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