There’s A New ‘Hottest Pepper In The World’ And It Tastes DELICIOUS In This New Hot Sauce

Take a seat, Carolina Reaper. Smokin’ Ed Currie — the founder of the PuckerButt Pepper Company and the capsaicin-loving pioneer behind the ultra-spicy Carolina Reaper — recently created a new “hottest pepper in the world.” It’s called “Pepper X” and it gives Dragon’s Breath — the most-recent “hottest pepper in the world” that I wrote about in May — a very serious run for it’s money. On the Scoville Scale, it boasts a rating of 3.18 million Scoville units to Dragon’s Breath’s 2.48 million.

You can find it in the new hot sauce called The Last Dab, a fiery collaboration by NYC’s Hot Sauce shop The Heatonist.

Our friends over at First We Feast sent a bottle to our L.A. office to try out. This makes me a very happy man because (A. I’m obsessed with weird, rare hot sauces and (B. I believe hot sauce an elixir of life that really makes you feel alive. I have a collection of over 40 rare sauces sitting in my apartment that I’m quite proud of, used for all sorts of culinary occasions (…don’t drink my Bloody Marys if you can’t handle heat).

So, I hit the dab by throwing this delicious god juice on my chicken-and-rice kebobs today.

I’ll be straight — I was expecting something a little bit spicier. Eventually it made me sweat, but I feel like there are at least a dozen habanero-based sauces that made me sweat more. At no point was I begging for mercy or regretting my delicious. And I poured plenty of dabs out, too.

That said — It’s delicious. Very gingery and mustardy, with a bold garlic flavor and a slight tang of Vidalia onion. Overall, it’s much sweeter than I expected a sauce with “Pepper X” in it. The burn hits your mouth a few minutes after you throw it on your tongue — It took a solid five minutes, but Pepper X eventually had my forehead beading up like a puddle. 3

What a beautiful, beautiful burn. No wonder the first run of 1000 bottles sold out in three minutes.

My review in the video above, as seen on the @BroBible Instagram story. Peep the video below for more on the sauce from First We Feast: