Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick Calls Out Rapper Tyga For Sliding In His Girlfriend’s DMs And It Ends Up Backfiring Badly

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Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga found himself in a beef with Hulk Hogan’s son Nick after Nick accused him of trying to hit on his girlfriend on Instagram. Unfortunately for Nick, his attempt to expose the rapper ended up backfiring on him.

The beef started when Nick posted a screenshot of Tyga allegedly sliding in his pornstar girlfriend, Tana Lea’s DMs. Tyga apparently had sent a side-eye emoji at Tana Lea and Nick responded to it by asking “what’s up” with a selfie of himself.

Tyga then immediately fired back by sharing a screenshot that revealead Lea had been in his DMs since 2018 and messaged him heart-eyes emojis.

Tana Lea attempted to defend herself after Tyga released the DMs that shows her messaging him. According to Lea, she claims that she doesn’t remember messaging the rapper but does remember the time Tyga cheated on Kylie Jenner while in front of her.