Olivia Dunne Shows Off Her Riding Skills In Latest Viral TikTok

Olivia Dunne

Getty Image / Gilbert Flores

Olivia Dunne is everywhere these days. Whether it’s in TV commercials for brands, competing on the LSU gymnastics team, or on your For You Page on Instagram and Tiktok, the 20-year-old New Jersey native is seemingly unavoidable.

She has built up a massive social media following, with over 7 million followers on TikTok and 4 million on Instagram. The 2021 NCAA All-American on the uneven bars is cashing in on her social media prowess, too.

Olivia Dunne definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit, and she’s going to go even more mainstream now, as she is making her debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition this month.

In the meantime, she’s been going viral on Tiktok with posts like this.

Like seemingly so many these days, Olivia Dunne is from a Northeastern state, but sometimes gets caught cosplaying as a southern girl when they go to an SEC school. And, her latest TikTok is a great example of that, as she gets on a horse.

Yeah, that’s going to do some numbers.

Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr is a recent graduate of Penn State University. He lives and dies Penn State football, wrestling, and the New York Mets.