Mind-Bending Photos Of Man In Hospital Bed Freaks People Out Because He’s Made Out Of Cake

Photos Of Man In Hospital Bed Made Out Of Cake


As if we didn’t already have our brains broken by Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video being remastered in 4K and the fact that we can’t touch our palms to our shoulders, now we’ve got these photos of a guy in a hospital bed – a VERY realistic looking guy – that is made out of… cake?

That’s right. A man made out of cake. It’s a topic I would have never guessed that I would ever write about, because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but here we are.

The man, who is actually British rapper Slowthai, was turned into a cake by the “King Of Cake” Ben Cullen.

According to on Instagram post Cullen shared a couple of days ago, all of Slowthai’s edible body parts in the photos were made from vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugarpaste details.

This work was actually done last year for the music video for the song “Feel Away” by Slowthai, but with Cullen’s recent Instagram post, the images have gone viral for their complete and utter creepiness.

Reactions to the bizrre images have, understandably, fallen somewhere between amazement, disbelief, and fighting off a case of the dry heaves.

And, of course, there’s stuff like this…

The real and only question that matters with regard to this whole thing, however, is, “Could you, would you eat this cake?” *shudder*

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