Pizza Hut Is Combining Two Of America’s Best Products And Launching A ‘Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza’

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Pizza Hut stuffed Cheez-its pizza with Kellogg

Pizza Hut

For as long as I can remember, Cheez-its have been one of my favorite snacks. I remember my love affair with Cheez-its in my earliest days of memory back when I was bringing a lunchbox to elementary school packed with the single-serving bags. They’re one of Kellogg’s best products of all-time (IMO).

Just last night I was grabbing something from Target on my way home from the gym, walked past a rack of Cheez-its on sale, and grabbed a box. I hadn’t had them in months (years maybe), but I’ve already eaten two handfuls this morning because it’s a snack that’s nearly impossible to stop eating once you start…Then this Pizza Hut collaboration news rolls across my proverbial desk.

Pizza Hut is set to launch a Stuffed Cheez-it Pizza in conjunction with Kellogg and while I haven’t had Pizza Hut outside of an NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL game in years I’m 100% here for this and might have to put in a Pizza Hut order as soon as this one hits the market.

Calling this a ‘pizza’ seems like a bit of a stretch when they look like someone tried to make St. Louis-style Stuffed Raviolis in the shape of Cheez-its but all of the proper pizza ingredients are there so I’ll accept this as a pizza if that’s what they want to call it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients (via CNBC):

The pizza chain is partnering with Kellogg to launch the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza on Tuesday. The limited-time menu item includes four large squares with a crust infused with the sharp cheddar flavor of Cheez-Its and stuffed with either cheese or pepperoni and cheese. A marinara dipping sauce comes on the side.

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OH EMM GEE!! If there is anything I like more then pizza it’s Cheez-Its🤤.. @pizzahut has partnered with my friends @kelloggsus to create these cheesy Cheez-It crust pockets called Stuffed Cheez-It pizza. The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza features four baked jumbo squares with a crust topped with the iconic sharp cheddar flavor of Cheez-It crackers. Each crispy square is stuffed with either cheese or pepperoni and cheese, and comes served with a side of marinara dipping sauce. These are available now at a participating Pizza Hut nation wide for a limited time. I NEED these in my life ASAP😫😍🍕..How do we feel about this collaboration👇🏼 #pizzahut #cheezit #cheezits #noms #nom #cheatmeal #cheatsnack #pizza #candy #cake #yum #mmm #junkfood #tuesdays #oreo #oreos #picofthedah #FML #needthisinmylife

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It does look delicious. As a snack or an appetizer. I can’t picture this as a meal.

Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut’s chief brand officer and a self-described Cheez-It fanatic, sees the item as either an add-on for larger dinner orders or an easy item to grab and go. Restaurants have been looking to snacks to boost sales.

Working together with Kellogg on the stuffed pizza meant that Radley learned about how Cheez-It manages to cram so much cheese flavor into its crackers — the topic of a long-running ad campaign by the brand.

“I always thought it was cheese flavoring, but it was really is cheese that is baked into their crackers,” Radley said in an interview. Nondisclosure agreements kept her from saying more. (via CNBC)

It seems wrong to call a pizza ‘violently American in every way, shape, and form’ given that pizza is an Italian creation but this IS DEFINITELY an American spin on ‘za unlike anything I’ve seen since the introduction of Meat Lover’s pizza.

According to CNBC, Pizza Hut + Kellogg are in full-blown collaboration mode right now. Beyond the Stuffed Cheez-its Pizza, they are looking to collaborate on a plant-based ‘fake meat’ pizza while that craze is still blowing up.

This is a limited-time menu item that has launched today (Tuesday, September 17th, 2019) and it comes with four squares of the cheddar-cheese flavored Cheez-it squares stuffed with cheese or pepperoni + cheese and a marinara dipping sauce.

For more on this, you can click here to read the report on CNBC.

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