This Pizza Joint Serves Their Slices With Cold Cheese And I Don’t Know What To Think Anymore

by 5 months ago

We’ve seen some outlandish attempts to garner attention by creating ungodly pizza toppings such as melted candy canes, strawberries, peas and mayonaise, and pumpkin spice pizza. However, this pizza with cold cheese is flat-out bizarre.

While the other wacko pizzas are purposely attempting to be outré and outlandish, the cold pizza from Beto’s Pizza and Restaurant may be the original weirdo pizza. Since the early 1950s, Beto’s has been offering pizza with cheese, but they don’t cook the cheese. It’s cold cheese on a hot crust. This is a stupid idea. Shredded cheese just piled high all willy-nilly, which causes it to fall off whenever you try to eat it. Not only is this not practical, but who doesn’t love ooey-gooey melted cheese with a nice crisp slightly charred cheese top?

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