The New President Of Nintendo Has The Last Name Of ‘Bowser’ And The Internet Can’t Deal

bowser nintendo

Are we in a simulation? If so, is the simulation broken? It might be because something so bizarre happened at Nintendo this week. The next president of Nintendo of America has the last name “Bowser.” You know, like Bowser as Mario and Luigi’s arch-nemesis?

Reggie Fils-Aimé is stepping down as president and COO at Nintendo of America after 16 years. His successor is Doug Bowser. Bowser has been with Nintendo since 2015, when he joined as vice president of sales. In 2016, he was promoted to senior vice president.

Doug Bowser is completely aware that he has the same last name as King Koopa and completely embraces the Super Mario Bros. villain.

Like, really, really embraces the Bowser names, maybe even a little too much.

The internet could not deal when they found out that Bowser was now in control of Nintendo. They reacted in disbelief, shock, and of course memes and jokes.

Bowser was a vice president at EA before working at Nintendo, and for 23 years before that job he worked at Proctor & Gamble with various sales and marketing positions. Let’s hope Bowser keeps the princess-kidnapping and the fireball-spewing to a minimum.