Super Creepy Easter Egg In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Features An American Serial Killer Family From The 1800s

The amount of Easter Eggs to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2 is pretty much endless. There have already been countless YouTube videos recapping the number of Easter Eggs within the game. This is a pretty good roundup that we featured recently.

Some Easter Eggs include things like horses killing people, the ability to draw snow penises, and other Easter Eggs are based on America’s creepy history. One gamer appears to have uncovered a super dark side quest that’s rooted in American serial killer lore.

The scene involves you stumbling upon a family that invites you in for dinner. Things get weird in a hurry when you realize the couple you thought was married are actually siblings, and they’re way too close for comfort. In the game, you then wake up in a mass grave and have time to exact your revenge. In real life, this mass grave was found in the late 1800s after the Bender family filled it with passersby after killing them and pawning their possessions.

Here’s where the guy who uncovered this as a real part of American history begins to explain the story of the real family.

Great looking family….

Where’d they go? I need this answer.

How the hell anyone from Rockstar Games knew this story is beyond me. We do live in an era where people are borderline obsessed with serial killer lore and unsolved mysteries, but this one’s pretty damn obscure. They’ve either got an expert on the team or they brought in someone from the outside to help them create this Easter Egg based on American history.

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