People Shared How And When They Realized Their Best Friend’s Significant Other Was Not Right

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We’ve all been there. One of our best friends gets into a relationship and falls off the face of the earth only to resurface a few weeks later as a different human being, a person molded by his crazy new GF. Sometimes that’s the red flag in and of itself. Other times, it takes hanging out with your bro’s new girlfriend a few times before you see that massive red flag and realize that something is very, very off. All of these people below shared stories of when they realized their best friend’s significant other was not right, and I currently find myself wondering how the people in some of these relationships can’t see how f’d up their situation is (via AskReddit:

The second time we met she cornered me in the bathroom and threatened to cut me if I spoke to her boyfriend again.

Well, she’s 20 and he’s over 10 years older. Six months into their relationship she tells me he wont let her touch his phone, but gets mad if she doesn’t let him touch hers. A year passes and she’s never been to his place, met his family, and the only time they see each other is at work. Dude is either married or has kids

We were out to dinner. I told them a story about my ex GF about how she never got a job after we moved, spent all my money, forced us to get a luxury apartment and, as soon as she did get a job, started fucking some dude at her job. I literally came home one night and found them in bed. After hearing all this my friends GF said “wow, she sounds really resourceful. She took you for a ride and got away with it. Good for her.”
As soon as she was in the bathroom I told my friend to break up with her.

Whenever she would be having fun, he would pull her to the side and whisper lecture her about how she looked stupid. For dancing, laughing too loud, shit like that.
Spoiler: Six years later and the divorce is finally underway!

In person he (the SO/husband) was quiet and kind. But she (the friend) told story after story about his pill-popping, fraud, suicide attempt, and general emotional abuse. She left him.
I had a falling out with her. I caught her in a couple of lies and I just abruptly ended the friendship.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my husband had befriended the SO at the gym. My husband didn’t care this guy had a bad reputation as painted by his exwife, he was a cool gym-buddy.
About a year after I ended the friendship, I became friends with her exhusband.
It’s been three years of friendship now. Every time I learn something cool about the guy. Ex Marine. Passionate about his kids. Solid hard worker. True and loyal to the core.
We often compare stories. I’ll tell him her side of a story and how badly she painted him out to be. He’ll either tell me his side – which is black and white opposite of what she said – or he’ll flat out deny such a story ever existed. With proof.
So, the moral of the story is, while I thought something was off with him, it was all proof that something is off with her.
Don’t believe everything you hear.

When she tried to fuck me (instead of the friend she’s dating), I felt like that was a bit odd.

Whilst out at a uni party, I ran into my friend’s SO. He was out of town at the time. She started dancing with me, getting closer by the minute. When she was about to start grinding on me, I asked “what are you doing?” To which she replied with “it’s okay, *** likes it when I flirt with other guys.” Uh, no he fucking doesn’t. He’s one of my best mates, I know him pretty damn well. We eventually convinced him to end it with her, and he’s much happier for it.

Posted this a few days ago, but:
My wife’s best friend’s husband.
I never got on with the guy while everyone else did. I found him to be very ‘know it all’ and if you had done something, he had done it 10x better. I’m sure my wife had a thing for him, it was always “Rob has done this and Rob has done that, ain’t Rob a great guy, Tracy is so lucky to have Rob, why don’t you and Rob go fishing? Why don’t you and Rob go for a beer?”
To keep the peace I would and each time I spent time with the bloke, I disliked him more and more. Something just didn’t feel right about him.
I ended up telling my wife that I can’t handle the bloke anymore, and that I wouldn’t have him round our home again. She had the raging hump, called me an unsociable twat, jealous nob ect.
2 weeks later it came out that Rob had been beating Tracy, was a raging alcoholic, mentally abused his kids and was banging a skank alchy from down the road.
Now everyone thinks Rob is an absolute cunt.

I have six sisters.
I have (unfortunately) Met a lot despicable D-Bags.
The one that immediately comes to mind is my sister #####ce’s ex husband. Let’s call him Dean.
Dean seemed like a cool, rather nerdy, introverted, sweet guy. Except that he had shark eyes. When he smiled, or laughed, or anything really, he looked closer to pain than joy.
I was never too comfortable with him, but I wanted my heebeejeebies to be wrong. #####ce seemed genuinely happy.
They married.
Then a few months later during dinner, my sister spilled some wine on their new tablecloth. Dean fractured her wrist, burst a blood vessel in her eye, and threw her down the stairs.
They are now divorced.
I’m still angry about it.

We played DnD with him and it seemed like every week he’d say “rule number 1: don’t touch the kids!” (He was a teacher) he always meant it as a joke, and it always made sense in context, but it didn’t sit right with me. For one thing, no one thought it was that funny the first time, so why call back to it? Also, the regularity with which he said it made it almost seem like a mantra to me.
They arrested him last year for allegedly snap chatting with an underage girl he met over the internet.
In hindsight there were a bunch of other warning signs too, but that was the one that initially weirded me out.

Someone ‘hacked’ a friend’s boyfriend’s computer and posted a bunch of very sensitive photos on 4chan and other similar websites. But for some strange reason nothing else (like his bank records, email, etc.) was compromised. How odd that this hacker would only be after her nudes.
I immediately said “It was him. He’s the one posting the pics online.” She spent so much time saying what a great guy he was and how it couldn’t possibly be him because he had an important job (working for a major politician) and that he wouldn’t compromise his dream of a career in politics.
A few months later, she finally came to realize that he was an emotionally abusive psychopath and dumped him. Then he started posting her name and address (and pics) on fetish websites, claiming that she had a rape fetish and wanted people to just barge into her apartment and rape her. She got a restraining order, he kept doing it, and eventually he got prosecuted and is no longer allowed near a computer. I still think he got off way too easy.

When he installed some kind of app on my best friend’s computer so that he could control the mouse with his phone. I think this was two months after I met him – 6 months into their relationship. I thought that was real fucky but “haha it’s only a joke, why do you think it’s weird gan1lin2?”
About a year later, he asked her to sign into Facebook to ‘see if Facebook was working for her’. Later that day she came over worried and asked me if he could’ve saved her password even if she told Chrome to not save it. We kind of bounced ideas around that “no, I don’t think so… I mean unless he put a keylogger on his computer? But that would be messed up.” And sure enough, that’s exactly what he did.
Notable favorite: After breaking up, he also tried to pose as me on kik so he could talk to her. He used a username that was like “gan11in2” so it was easily mistaken.
The whole relationship was a fucky mess.

The first time I met him was at her birthday party. He shook my hand then proceeded to try and grind on me in front of her and her family. Then when I called him out on it everyone said I was the problem and was just jealous. A year later, it turns out he had been cheating on her continuously and had gotten 2 girls pregnant while dating her.

If the dog doesn’t trust them then something’s off, very off.

It was my sister’s SO.
The family dog HATED him. This was a dog that either loved people or was, at worst, rarely disinterested in them. Him growling at someone for seemingly no reason was unheard of. But then her boyfriend shaped up to be a real piece of shit. No idea how our dog was able to sense that from the moment the guy first stepped foot in our house, but from then on I took his opinion on people very seriously.

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