VIDEO: Angry Rhino Goes Ballistic And Flips Car With Zookeeper Inside

I’m not a zoologist, but apparently, rhinos don’t like cars. Especially cars painted like zebras. Video shows an angry rhinoceros going ballistic on a car at a zoo with the zookeeper inside the vehicle as it is flipped by the furious animal. Now, this is some road rage.

We take you to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony, in northern Germany, where a rhino attacked a car. A 30-year-old rhino bull named Kusini was none too pleased that a car was in his area so he took the liberty to escort the car away using his horn. This rhino was angrier than a T-Rex trying to wipe its own ass.

The rhino slammed its horns into the car and rolling it over several times. Is that a block or a charge?

Those are the most chill ostriches ever, just sitting back and watching the rhino go HAM on the car. Do you pay extra for that very personal and intimate experience with the animals?

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Despite the carnage, the zookeeper somehow walked away from the violent attack with only bruises. The same can not be said about the car, which was crushed from the rampage.

Is this covered by insurance? Imagine being the insurance adjuster and getting the claim of damage by rhinoceros?

Kusini was brought to the park 18 months ago for breeding purposes and was still acclimatizing to his surroundings according to zoo officials.

You can see more animal attack videos HERE.

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