There Are SO MANY Prop Bets You Can Wager On For Saturday’s $43 Million Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Prop Bets Odds

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Attention degenerate gamblers! (Like us.) While all patiently wait for (a) football season to start and (b) each of our states to start making sports wagering easier, there is another event that we can place some bets on this week: the very, VERY important Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

That’s right. Brits are even bigger degenerate gamblers than we American are. They’ll bet on frickin’ anything, including the Royal Wedding.

After all, according to British wedding app Bridebook, as reported by Esquire, the total cost of the Royal Wedding is going to be around $43 million. So why shouldn’t we too make a little cashola on the side as well?

Check out this wedding budget…

• $386,000 on catering
• $260,000 on drinks
• $404,000 on the wedding dress
• $47,000 on installing enough toilets at the venue
• $404,000 on the music
• $162,000 on the honeymoon
• $40 million on security


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You know what else is ridiculous? The dozens of prop bets available on Sky Bet UK for the Royal Wedding. Some examples…

11/10 Prince Harry is clean shaven, wearing three or more medals and says “I Do” first

9/1 Rain during wedding procession and Prince Harry has a beard

10/1 Any member of One Direction attends the wedding ceremony

10/1 Queen’s hat is pink, Harry wears three or more medals, and Elton John is at the ceremony

10/1 Bride arrives in a Rolls-Royce, Prince Harry wears a military uniform, and the Queen’s hat is blue

16/1 David Beckham, Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra and Cara Delevingne all attend the wedding ceremony

33/1 Bride arrives in a Bentley, Prince Harry is in a military iniform, and the Queen’s hat is orange

33/1 Cara Delevingne attends, Harry is clean shaven, wears more than two-and-a-half medals, and the vicar says “Jesus”

50/1 Any member of the Kardashian family attends the wedding ceremony

50/1 A John Legend song is used for the first dance, Meghan arrives in a Bentley, Boris Johnson attends, and there is rain during the procession

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Will Prince Harry be clean shaven?
Yes 5/6
No 5/6

Who will say “I Do” first?
Prince Harry 1/6
Simultaneously 25/1
Meghan Markle 4/1

Manufacturer of bride’s arrival vehicle?
Rolls-Royce 4/5
Bentley 6/5
Aston Martin 8/1
Lamborghini 50/1
Any vehicle with an Uber sticker 250/1

There is even something they are calling “Vicar Bingo” where you can bet on the exact words spoken by the vicar during the wedding ceremony.

For example…
God 1/500
Ring 1/100
Holy 1/66
Kiss 1/16
Commitment 1/12
Matrimony 1/10
World 3/1
Prayer 4/1
Queen 8/1
FA Cup 25/1
Divorce 50/1
Suits 66/1
Brexit 100/1

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And odds on who will attend the wedding ceremony, such as…
David Beckham 1/12
Ellie Goulding 1/8
Bono 1/5
Margot Robbie 11/10
Eddie Redmayne 6/4
George Clooney 6/4
Barack Obama 5/1
The Pope 66/1
Justin Bieber 100/1
Justin Timberlake 100/1
Vladimir Putin 200/1
Donald Trump 250/1
Kanye West 250/1

As well as which recording artist’s music will be used for the “First Dance” song. Some of those choices include…
Elton John 2/1
Ed Sheeran 3/1
Alicia Keys 20/1
Bruno Mars 20/1
Mariah Carey 25/1
Beyonce 33/1
Madonna 40/1
Drake 100/1
Rihanna 100/1
Sonny & Cher 100/1
Spice Girls 100/1
The Weeknd 200/1

Now who said Royal Weddings were overblown and ridiculous? Oh, right, I did. But at least we can bet on them!

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