20-Year-Old Russian Man Who Claims He’s From Mars Has Experts Baffled

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Russian Boriska Kipriyanovich from mars


A super intelligent 20-year-old Russian named Boriska Kipriyanovich claims he’s from Mars and his knowledge of space has been baffling experts since he was just a child.

Kipriyanovich, also known as an Indigo Boy, claims he was born on Mars and lived there until a war wiped out almost all life on the planet and was since re-born here on planet Earth.

According to Metro

His parents claim that he has spoken about alien civilisations since he was a young boy despite them never teaching him about the matter.

He claimed that he had visited Earth while working as a pilot on Mars and that they had close connections to ancient Egyptians.

In fact he has made a prediction that life on Earth is going to change significantly when the Great Sphinx of Giza is ‘unlocked’ using a mechanism behind its ear.

The Daily Mail reports that Kipriyanovich “amazed his doctors by being able to read, write and draw by the age of two.”

His mother, who herself is a doctor, said the first indication that he was special came a couple of weeks after birth, as he was able to hold his own head up unassisted.

Boriska, from Volgograd, claims to have lived on a ‘war-ravaged’ Mars, which suffered from a nuclear catastrophe in the distant past.

He says that Martians measuring about seven-feet tall still live undergound on the Red Planet and breathe in carbon dioxide.

Unilad reports, “Gennady Belimov, a university professor in the Volgograd region of Russia, apparently witnessed Boris, aged just seven at the time, ‘astound an adult audience’ during a camping trip.”

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