Guido, The Self-Driving Bar With Robot Bartenders, Is A Ready-Made Block Party On Wheels

Order a cocktail using an app? Of course that’s something people are working to create.

Introducing Guido, the self-driving bar with robot bartenders, by Makr Shakr, that could be coming to a city near you very soon.

Robot apocalypse? We’re willing to risk it if it means being able to score an Amaretto and Coke with a quick click on our phone.

“With Guido, we wanted to create new on-demand ways to enjoy leisure in our cities,” Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr, told Digital Trends. “Guido represents an experiment combining the two technologies that are poised to impact our lives the most in the next few years: Robotics and self-driving. Furthermore, Guido conveys, so to say, a ‘wow’ effect. In a society that is eager to always find new ways of enjoinment, our self-driving café — designed in collaboration with [Carlo Ratti Associati] — offers an alternative; imagining that different parts of the city can be activated by the opportunity to enjoy one’s leisure time on their streets.”

I would like to enjoy my leisure time on my streets!

So when can I expect to be able to Uber a martini – shaken, not stirred?

“Currently, Guido is in its concept phase,” Rossetti continued. “It will be developed in the course of 2019 in collaboration with international municipalities. For those who want to already enjoy a portable version of our robotic bartender, a few months ago we launched Makr Shakr 4.0, a robotic bartender that can travel everywhere — albeit still driven by humans. There is also our fixed Makr Shakr 3.0 system, that can be ordered for 99,000 euros [$111,661.61 US], plus a small fee per drink that covers all maintenance costs.”

The creators of Guido envision their barmobile creating new social hubs where they don’t currently exist. One example would be to call Guido to the street you live on and getting your neighbors involved in an impromptu party rather than going to a bar or drinking alone in your sad, lonely, empty house.

I’m in!

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