Smash Mouth Walks A Bit Too Close To The Sun, Rips Drake For Being A Believer In The Raptors, Gets Reminded They’re Smash Mouth

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The Lakers have Jack Nicholson. The Knicks have Spike Lee. The Grizzlies have Justin Timberlake. The Warriors have….Smash Mouth.

The San Jose, California band hasn’t released an album in nearly seven years because they’ve been too busy defending their beloved California sports teams on the world wide web. Just a month ago, Smash Mouth called Bryce Harper a ‘jackass’ for choosing to join the Phillies, who booed him after going 0-for-4 outing with two strikeouts in April, instead of the San Francisco Giants.

I am beginning to theorize that Smash Mouth only embraces debate online so they can remind the haters of this one important thing.

Shrek didn’t make them famous, people. Just rich.


The band is back at it again in the lead-up to the NBA Finals, this time taking aim at Drake for being a bit too peppy at Raptors games this playoffs.

You guys already know how this ended for Mr. Harwell and his bandmates. Poorly.

Smash Mouth has accumulated so much petty anger over the past several years, they are destined to release the album of the year in 2020. Book it.

When they do, I can proudly say that I’ve always been a fan..