Is The SoHo Karen A Member Of #DaddyGang? An Investigation

Miya Ponsetto went viral for all the wrong reasons this week. After tackling an innocent 14-year-old boy because she mistakenly thought he had stolen her iPhone (turns out, he ALSO owned an iPhone, what are the odds!), Miya was arrested. But shortly before the arrest, she went on CBS this morning for an interview with Gayle King which went POORLY. The “shush heard around the world” legitimately made me gasp when I saw it, and I think it’s safe to say that Miya Ponsetto is going to find her LinkedIn inbox empty for a long, long time.

That said, I couldn’t help but notice her hat. What an interesting choice for your big interview where you presumably try to regain some measure of public favor. I mean, even murder suspects know to wear suits to their own trials. You have to present yourself in a way that might make people think, eh, this person isn’t so bad, we all make mistakes, I would tackle a child if I thought he had my phone too, etc.

Not Miya! Daddy hat it is. Now, the big question on EVERYONE’S mind was… is this official Call Her Daddy merch, oft-sported by Alex Cooper, the host of the astronomically popular podcast?

According to the CHD subreddit, it is not. Turns out, Miya’s hat is not emblazoned with the official Barstool Sports logo which distinguishes the official CHD Daddy Cap. Miya’s hat is some cheap knockoff that you might find on Amazon:

A similar hat can be found at WalMart, Etsy, some website called Wish, and basically every company that makes… anything.

Sadly, the revelation that Maya is not necessarily a member of the #daddygang just makes me dislike her even more. Luckily, it appears she’ll have plenty of time to discover and binge podcasts in the near future.