‘South Park’ Ripped Into ‘The Simpsons’ And We Might Have Another Cartoon War On Our Hands

south park blasts the simpsons

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Over the years, South Park has fired some major shots at basically every single thing imaginable and has never shied away from putting high-profile people and beloved cultural institutions on blast.

The show recently kicked off its 22nd season and Matt and Trey continue to refuse to pull any punches as they came hot out of the gate with an episode about school shootings and have not looked back since then.

On last night’s installment, the duo decided to tackle a number of issues with a Brett Kavanaugh-inspired episode starring Mr. Hankey, the beloved Christmas Poo.

The episode was titled “The Problem With A Poo,” a not-so-thinly-veiled reference to Hari Kondabolu’s documentary that put The Simpsons on blast for its stereotypical portrayal of the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart.

By the end of the episode, Mr. Hankey had managed to say enough offensive things to get himself banished from South Park, which is very, very impressive based on the standards that have previously been set by the likes of Eric Cartman.

As the end credits rolled, Mr. Hankey hopped into a car and drove away before suddenly finding himself in Springfield, a town where— according to Stan Marsh— people still “don’t care about bigotry and hate.”

Pew pew pew. Shots fired.

Of course, this is far from the first time South Park has gone after a rival cartoon— although I assume its creators didn’t get death threats like they did after ripping into Family Guy.

As Huffington Post notesThe Simpsons has previously fired some shots of their own at South Park so it’s only natural the show would return fire at some point.

However, according to Uproxx, some people noted Matt and Trey have always been big fans of The Simpsons so it’s likely they were just having a bit of fun at the show’s expense and ironically commenting on South Park‘s love for crudeness.

With that said, I would not be disappointed if this sparked Cartoon War 2.0.

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