Spirit Airlines Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing After A Wild Bloody Brawl Broke Out

Spirit Airlines Plane

iStockphoto / Boarding1Now

A Spirit Airlines flight traveling from Los Angeles to Detroit was forced to make an emergency landing in Des Moines after a bloody brawl broke out when one passenger who was reportedly trying to sleep allegedly instigated a fight with two passengers for being too loud.

According to comments from passengers on board, it sounded like a straight-up brawl with some passengers left with blood-soaked clothing. And what’s wild is only one passenger was removed from the flight and nobody was charged because of jurisdiction! One of the passengers on board also claimed that everyone was left to sit on a bloody plane for hours while authorities tried to figure out what they should do.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea there were still packed flights being flown around the nation right now but that’s exactly what it sounds like this was:

“We were in shock, really. We couldn’t believe it was happening,” a woman aboard told the news outlet. “It was really scary. I had my kids with me and everybody was like, ‘Oh my God!’”
The woman said passengers called on flight attendants to end the fisticuffs.

“Everyone was like, ‘Why aren’t you doing anything?’ They were like, ‘We don’t get paid enough to deal with this,’” the woman recalled.
After the plane landed in Des Moines, the attackers changed out of their bloody clothing.

“They went and changed their clothes before the marshals came,” she said. “They hurried up and ran to the bathroom because they had blood all over their clothes and they didn’t want to be recognized.”
Passengers were shocked that the people involved in the fracas were allowed to board the flight after the two-hour delay, the outlet reported. (via NYPost)

Police Sgt. Paul Parizek told KETV only one passenger was escorted off the plane. That was reportedly the passenger who was trying to sleep and allegedly instigated the fight but ended up getting beaten to a bloody pulp. He says they didn’t charge anyone because the fight took place while the plane was flying over Nebraska and thus the Des Moines Police Department had no jurisdiction.

What concerns me the most is how everyone involved wasn’t kicked off the flight and they didn’t immediately get a crew in there to sanitize the blood:

The woman who witnessed the flight said she also was shocked that the flight was packed after Spirit told her they would distance passengers amid coronavirus concerns.

“They didn’t clean the blood,” she said. “Sat there for two hours, everyone sucking everyone’s coronavirus.” (via NYPost)

I saw a random tweet over the weekend which said something along the lines of ‘if you start a bar fight when this is all over you should be put on a rocket and fired into the sun’. I couldn’t be more on board with this sentiment.

Life is miserable all over and there’s absolutely no reason to make it worse by starting random fights with strangers over nothing. No more fighting at football games in the stands because you hate the other team. No more fighting at bars because it’s the last call and you’re angry some guy’s going home with the girl you bought a drink for six hours ago. No more fighting at the beach on Spring Break. No more fighting in traffic. Just toss the idea out forever. We don’t need that energy when society begins to get back to normal.

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